Poker Gap Concept – Poker Strategy

The Gap Concept can be really a poker theory which pertains to both poker tournaments and games.

Let’s use an illustration to describe the Gap Concept:

Let us say bandarqq you are sitting at centre position with a palm like ATs. Under ordinary conditions, it will have been an absolutely okay drama to start out up the pot with a raise on this hand. However, imagine if some one in early position produces a rise first? In that case, you almost certainly wouldn’t want to telephone because the hands is overly hard to play with an early position raiser.

That’s a perfect example of the Gap Concept. Because you can see, there is a gap between the relative strength with this submit every circumstance. After raising, we feel perfectly confident with our hands however if facing an increase, we fold that same hand.


The Gap Concept exists since it takes less strength to earn a raise as it does to call a raise. When you raise with one hand, you now have the benefit of momentum moving into the hand.

You’ll need to struggle harder to win the pot as your hands appears weaker. As a way to secure your opponent to fold, then you’ll have to gamble more money by building a raise (where as he just has to make a bet).


As soon as an opponent increases first and it’s your turn to behave, that translates to that the opponent is acting out of an earlier position than you. Since you should remember from basic poker strategy, most folks tend to play deeper hands from early position.

When we look back to our example from above, the competitor that increased was in ancient position. Whenever somebody rises from early position, he knows he still has to get past every other person at the table. This ancient position raiser considers that his hand is stronger than everybody’s hands without even having seen their hands.

The Gap Concept will ultimately turn into an intuitive part of your poker game. You know that when folks raise in front of you, you will need to have a stronger hand to predict which raise. There are always exceptions to this rule but it’s really a generally safe guideline to followalong with

Steal the Blinds

Whenever you are playing in late position and the table has folded around to you, you can lift with a wider range of hands.

Because you’ve the gain of momentum and so are against fewer hands, you can raise with weaker hands than you can from any different position. The alternative applies to your opponents that need to act from out of location. They will have to have stronger hands to shield their blinds since they don’t really have the initiative and so they’ll be working out of position.

Defend the Blinds

If you are the person in early position and you suspect somebody is utilizing the Gap Concept to steal your blinds, you’re able to counter this by simply putting in a re-raise your self. You know that there is a fantastic chance they are increasing with a poor hand. That means you’re able to represent an even stronger hand by building a re-raise from out of position.

Obviously, your competitors will understand that some times you’re only building a defensive play and they’re going to play back in you with yet another raise. At this time, you should have to work out whether or not you are considering the exact same level as your opponent. Sometimes he really will have a powerful hand.

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